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Earth, Fields, Forest, Night, Sun and Water

Earth, Fields, Forest, Night, Sun and Water

Category: Permanent

Gardner's work explores how texture, color and light come together to achieve a harmonious whole. Each mosaic is an abstract interpretation of nature, inspired by her memories of the Indiana landscape gathered from childhood visits with family here. Keen observers might find that the deep, silvery blues and grays of Water are laid in patterns that evoke gently rolling waves, while the gold and flaxen-colored tiles of Fields are laid in vertical striations resembling tall prairie grasses. Horizontal graduations in hues of burnt umber, chocolate, gold and sienna represent layers of soil and sediment in Earth.

  • Artist: Ann Gardner, Seattle, Washington
  • Production: 2008
  • Materials: Glass tile, aluminum leaf and imitation gold leaf; 4 feet 8 inches by 5 feet or 5 feet by 6 feet each
  • Locations: Between Concourse A and Concourse B

Seen in shops, restaurants and even restrooms, glass and ceramic tile are common materials in the terminal's design. But Gardener's mosaics stand out as true artistry. Each piece is composed of 23,000 to 32,000 tiles and took one week to cure.