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The Indiana Windows

The Indiana Windows

Category: Permanent

British artist Martin Donlin produced 14 large, colorful abstract glass murals composed of numerous individual hand-blown glass panes to create a floor-to-ceiling piece along the walls of both concourses of the terminal at Indianapolis International Airport (IND). Collaborating with The Writers' Center of Indiana, Donlin sought compositions by contemporary Indiana poets. He selected six poems–including works by Hoosier authors Norbert Krapf, Joyce Brinkman, Ruthelen Burns and Joseph Heithaus–to incorporate into some of the murals.

  • Artist: Martin Donlin, Telescombe Cliffs, England
  • Installation: 2006-2007
  • Locations: Concourse A and Concourse B

The below poem, Back Home, by Norbert Krapf is featured on the red and orange glass panes:

"Back home on the ground we discover that the gift the great wings gave us is new eyes to see that this place where we live we love more than we knew."

At 3,292 square feet, this is the largest project Donlin has ever completed. Altogether, the 14 murals are comprised of 2,385 unique hand-blown panes of glass, with each pane weighing approximately 400 pounds.