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Road Portraits

Road Portraits

Category: Temporary

Road Portraits muses on the nature of travel as simultaneously public and private. Charles Borowicz is enamored with the way cars enclose their passengers in a private bubble, yet as we pass them on the road, we get momentary glimpses into that private space which is in reality very public. According to the artist, It’s a very real moment when we get to see unguarded individuals, performing as nobody except themselves. The video can be viewed several times each hour through June 30, on the screen above the main escalator/stair between Civic Plaza and Baggage Claim.

For a preview, watch the video here.

  • Artist: Charles Borowicz
  • Installation: January 2 - June 30, 2019
  • Location: Civic Plaza/Baggage Claim Escalators

About the Artist: Charles Borowicz co-founded AnC Movies in 2002 to write and produce short narrative and documentary films, and in this work he has specialized in creatively exploring dance on film. Simultaneously, he has evolved his personal film experiments around his fascination with everyday reality and the monumental moments within. Borowicz’s work has been screened at festivals nationwide including at the Black Point Film Festival, the Frederick (Maryland) Film Festival, the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival, and at Gateway Film Center’s Documentary Week. Locally, his work has been seen at Ruckus Makerspace, iMOCA, Indy Pride, and with NoExitPerformance as well as online ( and YouTube). He lives and works in Indianapolis.